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Connecting With Your Purpose Through Positive Self-Talk
Saturdays, February 17-March 16, 8:30a-10:30a

Purpose Speaks is a transformative 5-week course designed to help you recognize the profound impact of words on your purpose and empower you to harness the power of positive self-talk. Over 5 weeks, you gain valuable insights into the role that language plays in shaping your self-perceptions, experiences, and overall well-being. By understanding life and death are in your mouth, you will learn how to consciously recalibrate your self-talk staying connected with your life's purpose while promoting confidence, resilience, and personal growth. 

Here's What You Can Look Forward To 

Week 1 - 2/17  Recognize negative self-talk, the power of positive affirmations, and overcome limited belief systems.  Realize what God said about you.

Week 2 - 2/24 Discover how to deal with negative influences, build positive self-talk, and transform fearful words into courageous conversations.  Build a vocabulary of affirming words.

Week 3 - 3/2 Understand how words affect your purpose. Engage in a positive inner dialogue. Learn to believe what God said about you.

Weeks 4-5 - 3/9 & 3/16 Create personal positive responses to derogatory criticism, inflammatory comments, and negative reactions.  Step into empowered living through the words you speak.

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