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Real Life Real Talk Real God - January 2024


Are you ready to step into a world where your purpose is reignited, self-imposed barriers crumble, and your connection with God is deepened beyond measure? Welcome to a 12-week experience that will reshape your life, empower your spirit, and guide you toward a destiny defined by purpose and authenticity. Every Tuesday, 7-9PM (EST), starting January 9 through March 26, 2024, you'll dedicate 2 hours to your personal growth journey. This consistent commitment ensures a deep and meaningful exploration of the transformative content. By the end of this 12-week program, you will have invested a total of 24 hours in your growth, allowing ample time for reflection, integration, and impactful change. Get ready to dive into the "Real Life Real Talk Real God" program, a transformative adventure meticulously crafted to awaken your potential and lead you to a path of profound personal growth and divine alignment. Enrollment for this session ends Monday, January 8, 2024.

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